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Facade Control


Facade Control has become more frequently used by design teams during the design concept of buildings in more recent years

A Facade Management System (FMS) uses a combination of automated windows, blinds, louvers and vents in the facade as part of the overall automated controlled system (BMS / FMS).

With a combined Building Management System / Facade Management System installed you have natural and mechanical ventilation controlling the environment of the building in unison.

Using data from a ModBus weather station natural sunlight and solar gains are controlled for the building using blinds on the south, east and west Facades. The weather station provides weather data on brightness, wind speed, temperature and precipitation and receives the GPS signal (global UTC and position) when measuring light and dawn. Daylight filters simulate the sensitivity spectrum of the human eye.

Window and AOV control, monitoring of temperature and CO2 values within the building the BMS / FMS automatically operates the windows and AOV’s to controlled parameters and is based on external weather conditions such as wind speed, direction and percipitation. During this mode the mechanical plant operation would be controlled to reduce energy costs.