Authorised system integrator and service provider for:

Titanic Signature Building


  • Consulting Engineers: AECOM
  • Mechanical Contractors: Harvey Group
  • BMS Value: 150,000.00


It’s iconic design is unmistakable, making it the most recognisable new building on the Belfast skyline in 2012.

Ashdown HVAC Controls Limited is delighted to be associated with the construction of Belfast’s Titanic Signature Building. On site are 9 MCC panels and 6 outstation panels controlling a VAV system supplied by 5 individual AHUs, optimised for energy efficency, with heat recovery systems maintaining temperature and CO2 levels within the building. A control strategy has been implemented using a Schneider TAC Building Energy Management System combining the Boilers, CHP, Absorption chiller and Mechanical chiller for optimum energy performance.

A total of 140 meters are integrated via Mbus and Modbus profiling the buildings daily/weekly energy usage.

A 60” HD Graphical User Interface provides local control for day to day management of the system and a full Web interface with graphics via Xenta 511 for remote access.